I need Lee Hyun Woo in a new drama.  It’s great that he’s getting a lot of film roles, but I need a biweekly dose for 8-12 weeks.  Doctor’s orders.

The Universe hates me.

Today, while actively enjoying one of my outdoor hobbies, I ran into a guy participating in the same activity.  He asked me to walk around with him.  I did and we had a nice time.  The bad part is that he is way too young for me.  But he was precious.  

He knew I was older but I don’t think he knew just how much.  Then as we parted ways, he wanted to take a selca and gave me a big hug.  

"I don’t really like K-pop."

Me as I keep checking the VIXX tag for more Eternity teasers.

Okay, there is going to be gay porn parody of Attack on Titan called Attack on Boys Love.  Because why wouldn’t there be?  

Of course, the real question is “Where would one buy that?”  Not for me.  Nope.  Totally for someone else.  A friend.  Yeah that’s it, a friend.  

No really, DramaFever.  I’m tired of you dicking with me.  Either post “Fall In Love With Me Ep7” or don’t.  It’s up.  It’s down.  It won’t play on my roku.  It’s up.  It’s not available in my country.  Get your shit together.  

Everyone else is throwing around guesses for VIXX’s Eternity concept so why shouldn’t I?

A clock and lightening only brings one thing to mind:  Time Lords.  They are going to regenerate into each other throughout the music video.  

violently refreshing Viki to see how far along the subbing is for Doctor Stranger, A Witch’s Romance, and Secret Love Affair

Make me choose something drama related.

You might want to back away slowly from the VIXX tag.  That’s all I’m saying.